Best Termite Prevention Strategies For Texas Homes Home?


Termites are some of the most destructive pests in the world. They eat the wood cellulose found inside the structures of homes, gradually hollowing out these structures in the process. It only takes a few months for termites to cause expensive property damage.

Are you worried about termites attacking your home in Amarillo? If so, here are a few techniques to prevent an infestation:


  • Block off termite entry points. Homes in Amarillo that have direct contact between the wooden structures and the earth are at the highest risk of termite infestation. If your home has wood-to-ground contact, treat that wood with termiticide to repel the burrowing pests. Termites may also enter homes through gaps around pipes or vents, so seal or cover these possible entryways for added protection.
  • Prevent wooden structures from getting moist. Termites are most drawn to wet, rotting wood, so eliminating it from your home can prevent an infestation. When you discover water damage caused by a leaking pipe, first fix the leak and then remove and replace the water-damaged wood to keep termites away. If water is pooling around the foundation of your home due to clogged gutters, you should clean your gutters out before the next rainfall.
  • Don't leave piles of branches or lumber in your crawl space or near your home in Amarillo. Such wood piles can attract many pests, including termites, to your property. If you keep firewood on your property, never store it right up against your house, since termites that feed on the firewood may then begin feeding on your house.

While DIY termite prevention strategies are a good first step, thorough termite prevention will require you to work with a professional pest control company. Licensed termite control technicians will be able to install and monitor a Sentricon System on your property, providing your home with the best possible defense against termites. Give Ace Pest Control today if you'd like our help with termite prevention for your home in the Amarillo area!

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